Recent studies of the Italian market state that 45% of Italian consumers prefer meat from Italian farms, 29% choose local meats and 20% those with PDO, PGI or other certifications of origin.
The demand for guarantees and quality now dominates in an increasingly diversified market, especially when it comes to ingredients.

Pagani Chef, perfectly in line with the needs of your consumers, offers you clean label products of the highest quality!

In this perspective we have developed the Novit Line for the preparation of clean label products: no more additives in your best recipes!
All Novits are complete mixes (they contain salt) with delicate flavours, recommended in the preparation of burgers. They allow you to obtain soft and well-bonded products. They also allow you to add up to 15% of water. Flavoured versions are available to obtain tasty products suitable for all your needs.

– No additives > Clean label!
– Enhance the colour giving brilliance to the preparations;
– Bring softness and juiciness to the products;
– Contain calibrated and mixed ingredients that, in association with a correct cold chain (max 5°C), allow a more lasting preservation of the finished product, maintaining its organoleptic and sensory characteristics.

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